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Ordering and



Proud users of PAYPAL

Thank you for shopping ARCADIUM.
We hope we have made your web time an enjoyable experience.
We intend to make all sales an enjoyable experience for you as well.


Ordering policy


Just e-mail us with the items you want to buy and your zipcode
so we can get shippping prices for you.

Shipping policy

The people who bring you Arcadium have shipped packages world-wide.
We ship as soon as we receive the money you sent.

The preferred method of payment is via money order. No checks, please.

For those requiring faster service, you can wire the money via Western Union.

Arcadium goes through PayPal for all on-line transactions. (It's safe, secure, and fast!)
You will receive a personalized transaction page to guide you through the process.



U.S. Shipping prices

Priority Mail

guaranteed 2-3 day delivery in the U.S.

Up to 1 lb.

Up to 2 lb.
Up to 3 lb.
For each additional lb. add .95 cents

Insured Mail


Up to $50

Up to $100
For each additional $100 add $1.00